Making Authy work with MailChimp

If you're not using two-factor authentication, you should be. Here's a tip for making it a lot easier with MailChimp and Authy. …

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HTML5 Logo: Fu or Fail?

The W3C—they pretty much define web technologies—has a shiny new logo for all the new HTML5/CSS3 hotness. That's good right? Not too many in the know think so. …

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Then, the Unthinkable Happens

I've been crying today. Off and on for hours. Two friends said goodbye to their precious baby daughter. …

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Open Source vs. Open Core

There's a timely debate brewing over "Open Core" companies and just what that means. Here's my take as it applies to MODx. …

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Big Changes Coming Soon to MODx

We've talked about what we'd like to do in the past. Now it's time to share some insight. …

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A Work in Progress

This blog is a work in progress. When it's all working the way I want it to, I'll share the formula with whomever wants it. Thanks for stopping by. …

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MODX, the GPL & You

Just exactly why and how does MODX think the GPL applies to MODX developers differently than the “big three”? …

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