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Open Source vs. Open Core

There's a timely debate brewing over "Open Core" companies and just what that means. Here's my take as it applies to MODx. …

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Big Changes Coming Soon to MODx

The article discusses how MODX was founded to focus only on MODx software and to create a commercial support organization. MODX has seen its share of success and success in achieving its goals. However, it is going to be a huge year for MODx uptake and when it comes to development, they are currently looking as right now for qualified developers, consultants and agencies to partner with MODx. They will prominently display on their website and in their marketing efforts as recognized MODx experts to serve the daily project leads that come through the website. Finally, they are relaunching the MODx website to better focus on and to serve stakeholders including end users and experts in the community. …

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A Work in Progress

This blog is a work in progress. When it's all working the way I want it to, I'll share the formula with whomever wants it. Thanks for stopping by. …

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MODX, the GPL & You

Just exactly why and how does MODX think the GPL applies to MODX developers differently than the “big three”? …

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