Then, the Unthinkable Happens

I've been crying today. Off and on for hours. Two friends said goodbye to their precious baby daughter.

It's so easy to get caught up in daily life, and to brush off taking time for others until tomorrow. Then, when you least expect it, life has an incredibly harsh way of reminding you how lucky you really are. I'm guilty of this every day and completely negligent with my own family. I take them for granted.

Cherish your life and those around you. Take moments to enjoy the little things. It's easy to dismiss those closest to you, but good grief—wake up! Spend time with them, focused on every minute detail and whim.

Two friends said goodbye to their adorable baby girl today, completely without warning. She was only 1, an incredibly happy baby girl, with the cutest modified-army-crawl you have ever seen. To say her parents were head-over-heals-in-love with her would be an understatement at best.

I'm crying as I type this. Observing this horrible situation unfold over these past days has been excruciating, a complete feeling of helplessness you wish you could ignore but that just won't go away. A wakeup.

I can only pretend to imagine what they are experiencing right now, but I'm praying more than I have in years for their sweet family. I cannot imagine the anguish over their loss, and I know there's nothing I can do to help take the pain away. Please pray for their family. Please, God, help them cope and welcome their sweet baby into your loving embrace. She will put a smile on your face as she did all those that met her.

Ryan Thrash is the husband of an insanely supportive wife, father of 2 great kids and lives in Dallas, TX. Having co-founded the MODX content management platform in 2004, he looks forward to a world where HTML5 and CSS3 is the norm, and IE6 ceases to exist.

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