Big Changes Coming Soon to MODX

We've talked about what we'd like to do in the past. Now it's time to share some insight.

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If you attended MODxpo or subscribe to our sometimes-monthly MODX newsletter, the information following won't be entirely new. As stated at MODxpo, we've been diligently working on a creating a company to stand behind MODX. Now it's time to share some of the details:

  • We formed MODX, LLC, to focus just on MODX software as a product and to create a commercial support organization. No more site-building development for others on our beloved platform.
  • We’re hiring both from within the community and bringing in outside expertise to make sure we have a viable and sustainable business. We’re 1000% focused on accelerating MODX adoption, awareness and continuing to rise as one of the top Open Source PHP applications today. 2011 should be an unbelievable year for MODX uptake and when we'll see the fruits of our efforts "officially" available to everyone.
  • We’re currently looking—as in right now, seriously get in touch—for qualified developers, consultants and agencies to partner with MODX as Solutions Partners. They'll be prominently displayed on our website and in outbound marketing efforts as recognized MODX experts to serve the daily project leads that come through the website (amongst other benefits).
  • We’re launching commercial support services to meet the demand we’ve seen from businesses through the community and website inquiries.
  • And finally we’re relaunching the MODX website to better focus on and to serve stakeholders including end users, at our new URL no less. The new website should be a massive improvement for seasoned MODxers and newcomers alike.

We hope you agree we've done an admirable job as stewards of MODX since founding the project; we're especially excited now we’ll have dedicated time and resources to do an even better job going forward. We look forward to watching MODX grow in the coming months and years. It's going to be one heck of a journey!

Ryan Thrash is the husband of an insanely supportive wife, father of 2 great kids and lives in Dallas, TX. Having co-founded the MODX content management platform in 2004, he looks forward to a world where HTML5 and CSS3 is the norm, and IE6 ceases to exist.

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